Schüco TipTronic


Schüco TipTronic is the first concealed electromechanic fitting and functionality system, that combines energy management, security, building automations and comprehensive design. Thus, the window becomes an integral part of the “smart” building and it significantly contributes to the exploitation of the energy potential of the building’s shell.


  • Sheet weight up to 160kg, for big openings and many design options, even when triple glazing is used. 
  • Opening widths up to 400mm, ideal for night air-conditioning or hybrid ventilation.
  • Various function and control options, such us button, remote control, via PC, sensors or even a central control unit.
  • Schüco TipTronic offers high security.
  • Contrary to the conventional automatic windows, Schüco TipTronic mechanism features a multi-lock securisation and offers high burglar resistance of RC2 class. Magnetic contacts are used to monitor windows and to update the building’s management system and the alarm systems. An integrated anti-finger-trap protection mechanism ensures that the window reopens automatically if it spots any obstacle when closing