Doors & integrated uPVC and Aluminum Frame Solutions by completely focusing in High Quality of Raw Materials, Energy Efficiency and Security.

As an authorized dealer of world-class Manufacturers, Porta KMI Poland & THERMOPLASTIKI S.A allow us to offer you a wide range of specialized solutions, always driven by functionality and aesthetic quality based in the innovative design and wide choice of colours.


  • The leading windows & doors manufacturer in Greece
  • 8 Fully Modernised Production Units
  • Production of more than 1.000.000 uPVC windows and 2.000.000 roller shutters
  • Top thermal insulation products with Certification in “System 1” for ETICS
  • Network of more than 300 partners in Greece and abroad
  • More than 200 highly qualified employees
  • Continuous research & development

Porta Doors

  • The No.1 Door Manufacturer in East and Middle East
  • 5 Manufacturing Plants
  • 1870 Employees
  • 120 000 sq of production and warehouse
  • 25 Years of Experience
  • 20% Export Share to 44 Countries
  • 95 Million Euros Sales Per Year
  • 85 000 Leaves 65 500 Frames Monthly Capacity 



We offer integrated uPVC solutions, focusing on the certified quality of raw materials and the manufacturing and application process. We seek to offer solutions that will provide both safety and protection, and high energy efficiency. The innovative design and wide choice of styles and colors allows us to offer you a wide range of specialized solutions, always driven by functionality and aesthetic quality

In addition, Dynamic House Solutions offers integrated and reliable aluminum frame solutions. International certifications of raw materials and the manufacturing and application processes ensure high quality and excellent results, while the wide choice of aluminum colors, metal faces and innovative design are the components of our unique aesthetic quality. Our wide range of types and applied aluminum frame styles helps you find the perfect solution to meet your own needs.

Moreover, our Interior Door solutions are developed and built based on functionality and aesthetic quality. We focus on offering specialized solutions and proposals for any type of door, depending on the specific needs of each space and architectural design. Therefore, for interior spaces, Porta Doors portfolio is the ideal, cost-efficient option available in a wide range, and our Exclusive wood solutions are available in an unlimited choice of styles, sizes and colors.

 In the class of security doors, we offer one of the most integrated armoring solutions, in terms of both security and energy efficiency. Double sheet armoring, closed-type self-supporting case, heavy-duty hinges and controlled opening mechanism: these are some of the key security features that complement the powerful 16-point locking system

In conclusion, Dynamic House Solutions as a distributor of world-class manufacturers such as PORTA DOORS and THERMOPLASTIKI S.A, can offer complete solutions for your house in terms of Frames, Interior & Exterior doors,