Lift & Slide System for excellent thermal insulation with standard face width of 152 mm. PVC system KÖMMERLING PremiDoor 88 is one of the most integrated eco-friendly solutions, featuring excellent thermal-insulation and sealing properties, as well as great functionality thanks to its high quality mechanism. The option provided to install the 50mm casement on the ground makes this system even more practical, while the window is combined with water drainage grating for excellent water-tightness.



  • Frame profile depth: 207 mm
  • Maximum glass thickness: 56 mm
  • Sheet profile depth: 88 mm


  • Sheet and casement reinforcement: thermogalvanised steel 1,5mm -- 2mm thick
  • Mechanism: 300Kg GU Mechanism for lifting/sliding system
  • Opening capacity Height 2600mm | Width 6500mm
  • Accessories


  • Thermal Insulation: Uf 1,3W m2k
  • Soundproofing up to db in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-3
  • Burglar resistance up to in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627
  • Wind pressure resistance in accordance with DIN EN 12210 Class: C1/B2
  • Water permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12208 Class: 9A
  • Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12207 Class: 4
  • Mechanical strength in accordance with DIN EN 13115 Class:1
  • Functionality over time in accordance with DIN EN 12400 Class:2

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