Insect Screens

Motorized Insect Screen


The Electric Vertical Insect Screen is ideal for covering large openings. It has a durable fabric with safety guides so as to stay stable in the rail and offer unparalleled protection both from insects and dust.
The black Superscreen fabric in combination with the ZIP system (special windproof zipper all around the fabric), offer great resistance to wind pressure.
Easy to use either with a wall switch, remote control, or via smartphone.
It stands out for its top aesthetics and functionality.


  • Reinforced aluminum frame for functionality and durability.
  • Electric motor for easy use.
  • Fabric "Superscreen" with high durability.
  • It has no bottom rail, facilitating the passage and cleaning of the floor.


  • Insect Protection: 5/5
  • Strength Index: 4/5