Slinova X


The NEW, REVOLUTIONARY Frame, by Thermoplastiki only.

With the innovative fiberglass reinforced technology, it achieves a small middle section at only 32mm!

Available in 8 New Ulti Matt Colors, gloss-free with aluminum-like appearance and texture.

The unique design integrates technologies that make a difference,
offering the freedom to create unique buildings, while making it ideal for large openings and particularly robust.

The less visible profile and the extremely small middle section
offer panoramic views, light, comfort and functionality.



  • Frame depth: 80mm
  • Frame width: 58mm
  • Maximum glazing: 32mm
  • Sash depth: 46mm
  • Total visible width: 113mm


  • Double glazing option

  • Mechanism 200 Kg maximum sash weight

  • Perimeter sealing with brush, additional sealing kits for greater airtightness

  • Surface Protection Mechanism: Ferguard (1000 hours), protection against corrosion

  • 100% Recyclable


  • Energy Efficiency: Uf 2.4 W/m²K basic edition

  • Sound insulation up to Rw=33 dB

  • Anti burglar protection up to RC2 according to DIN EN 1627

  • Air permeability according to DIN EN 12207  –  Category: up to 3

  • Water permeability according to DIN EN 12208  –  Category: up to 7B/6A

  • Wind resistance according to DIN EN 12210  –  Category: up to A2

  • Resistance to transverse stresses according to DIN EN 13115  –  Category: 1

  • Resistance to use according to DIN EN 12400  –  Category: 2