Insect Screens

Pleated Insect Screen with Continuous Track


Combining style and functionality in its application, the pleated insect screen is a functional product for protection against insects and dust, ideal for large openings – both conventional and special architectural structures. The plastic bottom continuous track does not require a rail, featuring convenience of passage and easy cleaning at the point of application. The reinforcement of the fabric with KEVLAR cords, adds exceptional durability and ease of use


  • The plastic continuous track does not require a bottom rail, facilitating the passage and cleaning of the floor
  • A non-combustible, highly durable fabric of polypropylene is used, pleated or straight, for protection against insects and dust
  • Kevlar cords, weaved into the fabric, provide resistance to wind pressure and frequent daily use
  • It does not have a return spring, making its opening or closing easy, even for children or the elderly
  • The special plastic clips allow users to remove it from the frame for cleaning or storage
  • It can cover large balcony door openings - using it as a single-leaf, double-leaf, three-leaf or four-leaf for a width of up to 6m.


  • Insect Protection: 4/5
  • Strength Index: 4/5