Alumil S700


Thermal break heavy duty lift & slide system, with total face width of 143 mm.

It offers high functionality as well as smooth gliding and is ideal for covering large openings. The ultimate combination of high energy efficiency, safety and modern aesthetics.



  • Frame profile depth: Double guide rail 168.5 mm
  • Frame face width: Bottom visible profile: 50 mm
  • Maximum glass thickness: 22 mm to 50 mm
  • Sheet profile depth: 70mm
  • Sheet face width: 95.5mm

  • Sash weight up to 400 kg
  • Profiles have straight form
  • Manufacturing capability of up to 3 meters high


  • Thermal Insulation: Uf= 2.9 – 7.3 W/(m2•K)
  • Burglar resistance up to RC2
  • Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12207 Class: 4
  • Water permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12208 Class: 9Α
  • Wind pressure resistance in accordance with EN 12210: Class: C4/B4